Your friendly companion helping you to keep track of your feelings and dreams.

Life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances, finding happiness & learning from the past.

Don’t let your feelings distract you from achieving your dreams. Peas helps you keep track of your feelings and dreams easily.

Your feelings control what you do, what you eat…well everything. So keep track of your feelings first, then everything falls into place.


By keeping track of your feelings, you become aware of your feelings and learn how to take control of your feelings.  Once you are in control of your feelings, life becomes happier & easier to achieve your dreams.

But we often forget our dreams.  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Peas helps you keep track of your dreams, so that you can achieve it.




View your past sorted by day, week, month & year

Add notes to your feelings and dreams.


  • Choose from over 100 feelings.
  • Peas motivates you to stay happy by setting a daily feel goal automatically based on your past feelings.
  • Get a graphical insight of your feelings with day, week, month and year statistics.
  • Add custom colours to your dreams.
  • Set status of your dreams.
  • Notifications to remind you to add how you are feeling.
  • Share your feelings & dreams with your friends.
  • Local & Google Drive backup
  • Export your feelings and dreams data as CSV.

Get Peas & live in peace.

Crafted with love in Bengaluru by Abhi Muktheeswarar.

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Past, Present, Future

Under your control !